Are you an executive warrior?

My blog is an invitation to you, to be the Executive Warrior and achieve the success you know is destined for you.

An Executive Warrior is you who achieves success with meaning and purpose. It is you who have healthy relationships, abundance life, and the passion for making this world a better place.

The world, the society, and economy, and the planet is a better place when you, the Executive Warrior rise to the top.

You the Executive Warrior possess three secret weapons of success, the warrior's body, warrior's brain, and the warrior's heart.

Warrior's Body
You, the Executive Warrior has a body with such energy and vitality to outlast your rivals.

You, the Executive Warrior does not get sick or weak, you are powerful, strong, flexible, agile, and fast, not just for a moment, but for the long hull required to accomplish your moonshot goals.

You don't get the 2 pm afternoon crash like everyone else; you can fight on when everyone else needs a break.

You have the warrior body for business success, to lead and to inspire.

Warrior Brain

You, the Executive Warrior can use 100% of his/her brain potential for achieving your success.

You, the Executive Warrior, don’t get the brain fog, the distracted mind, and the inability to focus that plague others.

You, the Executive Warrior can learn fast, think fast, and react fast, and leverage modern technology to give your brain an advantage to outsmart others.

Warrior’s Mindset
You, the Executive Warrior has the mindset that sense beyond the obvious, feel the opportunity that others miss, the ability to transcend the superficial.

Your mindset is resilient, it is flexible like bamboo, bend, but don't break. You can battle on when others have broken and gave up.

You, the Executive Warrior rallies your team by being the torch that shines in the darkest night, radiating meaning and purpose to guide your team towards success even as you travel through the valley of the shadow of death.

You have the mental clarity and focus of a warrior, able to home in on the target with laser precision, but yet still able to pay attention to the broader battlefield. You have the brains that don't just win fights; you can win wars.

You, the Executive Warrior mindset is an "Empty Cup", always emptying to allow growth and learning.

About the Author Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is a Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, and Executive Warrior Coach who help burned out entrepreneurs and executives get back their brain, energy, and focus to achieve their goals.

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